National Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-9040

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Analysis and effects of changes in supply voltage on performance parameter of inverter based 10-stage delay line
Pages: 01-04  
A review of role of emotional intelligence and work life balance in job stress
Pages: 05-06  
Comparative study on routing techniques in wireless sensor networks: A survey
Pages: 07-11  
The effectiveness of Pico cells on mobile technology
Pages: 12-14  
Comparative Analysis of PM-16 QAM and PM-QPSK Modulation Techniques for 500Gbps and 1Tbps Optical Transmission under 2nd Order PMD Effect
Pages: 15-19  
GPS based transmission of information of overloading in heavy vehicles & controlling of vehicles
Pages: 20-23  
Latest issues and impacts in green marketing
Pages: 24-26  
The portrayal of the east Kolkata wetlands in the regional language newspaper of Kolkata
Pages: 27-29  
Survey paper on diagnosis of breast cancer using different techniques
Pages: 30-33  
General introduction of Emerging & Re-Emerging Diseases
Pages: 34-36  
Improving the performance of dadda multiplier using higher order compressors
Pages: 37-40  
Survey paper on Internet of Things: IOT
Pages: 41-44  
Reading habits among the youths: A case of Dharwad district
Pages: 45-47  
शारीरिक फ़िटनेस (स्वस्थता एवम योग्यता)
Pages: 48-50  
Geotechnical review of shallow foundation
Pages: 51-54  
A review of solenoid engine types, working principle and its applications
Pages: 55-58  
Improvement of soil mixing by using deep in situ soil mixing technique
Pages: 59-61  
Strengthening of week soil against liquefaction
Pages: 62-65  
A review of wireless sensor network, its applications, architecture and characteristics
Pages: 66-70  
Analysis of renewable energy and review of solar energy conversion and measurement system
Pages: 71-74  
Study of raft foundation: An overview of piled raft foundation
Pages: 75-78  
Role of self-help groups on reproductive autonomy of women
Pages: 79-81  
Wireless sensor network using ZigBee
Pages: 82-86  
Multi objective optimization of spot welding process parameters using composite desirability function method
Pages: 87-90  
The status of professional development programmes for science and mathematics teachers in Tanzania
Pages: 91-96  
Alternative fuels for I.C. Engines: A review
Pages: 97-101  
Lean Manufacturing: The new manufacturing strategy
Pages: 102-105  
A reasonable learning of MANET routing protocols
Pages: 106-110  
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