National Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-9040

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Assessment of water quality index and its seasonal variation in hard rock and soft rock domains along the coastal regions of Tami Nadu and Puducherry, India
Pages: 01-06  
The perilous impact of addiction to e-communication on solidarity, interaction and traditions in the Lebanese society
Pages: 07-14  
A comparative study on the financial performance analysis of TTK Prestige Ltd and Hawkins Cookers Ltd in India
Pages: 15-22  
Benefits of India partnership with United State
Pages: 23-24  
Role of United States in nuclear weapon developments and arms race
Pages: 25-26  
Effect of twelve weeks sports training on selected motor variables of Hockey players
Pages: 27-30  
A comparative study on child preferences among selected rural and urban households in Zimbabwe
Pages: 31-35  
General and relative growth of fresh water crab, Barytelphusa lugubris from Kathmandu, Nepal
Pages: 36-47  
A literature review on potential alternative fuels for IC engines
Pages: 48-50  
An experimental analysis for performance improvement of circular pipe
Pages: 51-55  
Modeling and Optimization for different quality characteristics on electric discharge drilling by Taguchi methodology
Pages: 56-60  
Enhancement of rate of heat transfer of fin made by aluminium alloy 1060
Pages: 61-64  
Health status of women: A study of Punjab
Pages: 65-67  
Optimization techniques for network reconfiguration in distribution systems: An overview
Pages: 68-71  
Management of NPA in higher education loans: A study on public sector banks in India
Pages: 72-78  
A study on secular attitude and attitude towards discipline among the professional college students
Pages: 79-81  
A study on customer awareness and perception towards eco-friendly products
Pages: 82-83  
E-waste and its management
Pages: 84-87  
Effectiveness of adherence to the modifications done in anbalaya old age home in preventing the falls among elderly people: A longitudinal study
Pages: 88-93  
IOT based air pollution monitoring system using arduino
Pages: 94-96  
Manifestation on life and death within the poetry of poet
Pages: 97-99  
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