National Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

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Effect of seaweed Hypnea musciformis (Wulf) Lamour. Extract on biochemical variation and growth of Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.
Pages: 01-03  
Phytochemical analysis of Pistia stratiotes by GC-MS analysis
Pages: 04-06  
Statistics obtained during the field study on the choice of science and technology in the district of Purba Medinipur
Pages: 07-09  
Ruskin Bond’s ‘The Eye of the Eagle’: A lesson in grand parenting
Pages: 10-11  
Role of social media in Basirhat communal conflict, 2017: A case study
Pages: 12-16  
Economic burden of osteoporotic fracture of the elderly in Srinagar city: A survey report
Pages: 17-19  
Minimizing the problems of secondary education: A critical reflections on new educational policy
Pages: 20-25  
A study on the convergence of IFRS in India - benefits and challenges
Pages: 26-28  
Use of information services in the library of NIT Kurukshetra and GJUS&T, Hissar: A comparative study
Pages: 29-33  
Measurement of Indian stock market efficiency through random walk model
Pages: 34-37  
Green revolution and environmental degradation
Pages: 38-40  
History of feminism and its theories
Pages: 41-43  
Emotional competence: Review
Pages: 44-49  
Professional ethics and issues in teaching profession
Pages: 50-53  
Role of child labor
Pages: 54-56  
Human resource development and its importance for today’s organizations
Pages: 57-63  
The effect of duration of stretching on calf muscle tendon for increasing range of motion in elderly
Pages: 64-68  
Science and technology for sustainable growth and development in current Indian scenario
Pages: 69-70  
Women, crime and an informal economy: Female offending and crime for gain
Pages: 71-74  
Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) complexes with chelating thiosemicarbazone ligand incorporating benzo[b]-thiophene and thiosemicarbazide moieties: Spectroscopic, electrochemical behavior, biological and thermal decomposition studies
Pages: 75-83  
An assessment of leverage of multi communication through diverse media in imparting knowledge on solar applications to rural students
Pages: 84-86  
The effect of manual physical therapy and perturbation exercises on balance in knee osteoarthritis
Pages: 87-93  
Hybrid power generation system using solar and wind energy
Pages: 94-97  
Immediate effect of icing versus passive stretch on spasticity
Pages: 98-100  
Dynamics of cryptocurrencies
Pages: 101-105  
Alcohol and its induced aura that imposed adverse effects on socio-economic, neurobehavioural and biological health in Indians
Pages: 106-122  
A historical study of Dalits in India
Pages: 123-132  
Impact of GST in the context of Indian society: Pros and Cons
Pages: 133-136  
A review on identity-based proxy-oriented data uploading and remote data integrity checking in public cloud
Pages: 137-139  
Sustainable ecotourism in dooars region, a potential and perspective: A study of Garumara National Park, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India
Pages: 140-143  
Effect of oil massage therapy on weight gain and sleep pattern among preterm babies in selected hospitals: A literature review
Pages: 144-148  
A study on hydrogeological investigation in Manasa area Neemuch district, Madhya Pradesh, India
Pages: 149-155  
Methodologies for the welfare of Dalits
Pages: 156-160  
Gotipua: A traditional folk dance of Odisha
Pages: 161-163  
Production trends and spatio-temporal characteristics of walnut cultivation in Jammu and Kashmir state
Pages: 164-169  
Drug addiction: A serious challenge for Punjab
Pages: 170-172  
Tactical practices of product placement: Influence on the film viewers
Pages: 173-178  
Electoral performance of the Bharatiya Janata Party: 2004 parliamentary election
Pages: 179-185  
Bit coin: A strategic overview
Pages: 186-189  
मृणाल पाण्डे कृत उपन्यास ‘हमको दिया परदेस’ में व्यक्त नारी के प्रति पक्षपात
Pages: 190-191  
‘Nature’: A force to reckon with in the poetry of William Wordsworth and ted Hughes
Pages: 192-195  
Rise and growth of the Bharatiya Janata Party
Pages: 196-201  
Groundwater quality delineation in Manasa area, Neemuch district, Madhya Pradesh, India
Pages: 202-210  
Cash less economy: meaning, method & impact on economy
Pages: 211-216  
Role of blue green algae on growth and composition of plants
Pages: 217-218  
Recently geological study of Shivna river basin, north western region, Madhya Pradesh, India
Pages: 219-222  
E-governance: An overview
Pages: 223-227  
Non-performing asset: An empirical study on nationalized banks in India
Pages: 228-230  
Species diversity of family rubiaceae at district Bhopal
Pages: 231-233  
Organizational communication at managerial level: A study of Sangam, cooperative dairy in Guntur district, AP
Pages: 234-239  
Estimation of groundwater quality for agriculture purpose in Meghnagar study region, Jhabua district, Madhya Pradesh, India
Pages: 240-244  
भारतीय साहित्य में नारी-चित्रण की परम्परा
Pages: 245-247  
Personality traits of physical education and non physical education teachers of Bilaspur district, Chhattisgarh
Pages: 248-249  
Employment generation through environmental management in mining areas of Orissa, India: A novel approach
Pages: 250-255  
Optimization of a boring operation using Taguchi based grey relational analysis
Pages: 256-261  
Relationship between academic anxiety and aggression among adolescents
Pages: 262-263  
Difference in Customer Expectations and Perceptions towards Electric Utility
Pages: 264-269  
Appraisal of service quality in power sector of NCR
Pages: 270-274  
Evolution of Indian power sector at a glance
Pages: 275-278  
Ludhiana urban development administration
Pages: 279-283  
A study on E-Commerce challenges and opportunities in India
Pages: 284-287  
A comparative study of empowerment in adolescent girls of Chhattisgarh: With reference to type of school
Pages: 288-289  
Significance of the bureau of Indian standards (BIS) act, 1986
Pages: 290-291  
Nature of Indo-ASEAN relation
Pages: 292-294  
जयशंकर प्रसाद कृत 'आंसू' विरह काव्य में विप्रलम्भ श्रृंगार की कामदशाओं का विधान
Pages: 295-297  
Health conditions of tribal women: A study
Pages: 298-302  
A study of Mulk Raj Anand’s novels towards humanistic approach of socio discord
Pages: 303-307  
Corporate social responsibility in disaster management: Initiatives and Possibilities
Pages: 308-312  
Scenario of power sector in Delhi
Pages: 313-320  
Fungi causing diseases in human beings
Pages: 321-330  
Role of board of directors in corporate governance in Indian power sector
Pages: 331-333  
Hygienic condition among five Hill Kharia villages of Mayurbhanj District, Odisha: An overview
Pages: 334-339  
India’s foreign trade during the pre-independence period
Pages: 340-341  
Collective bargaining and political partonage in India: An evaluation
Pages: 342-343  
Issues and challenges of women participation in politics
Pages: 344-346  
A critical study of the blackwood family in Shirley Jackson’s “We have always lived in the castle”
Pages: 347-348  
Demographic study of scheduled caste and scheduled tribes population in Andhra Pradesh
Pages: 349-351  
Hydrogeological investigations in Bonai area of Sundargarh district, Odisha: An integrated approach
Pages: 352-357  
Women entrepreneurship in India
Pages: 358-361  
Challenges and opportunities in Indian higher education
Pages: 362-364  
Social status of vendors: With respect to Muslim women
Pages: 365-366  
Women and agricultural crisis
Pages: 367-368  
Load scheduling of residential load for optimum cost
Pages: 369-375  
Modeling and simulation of maximum power point tracking using buck-boost converter
Pages: 376-382  
Photovoltaic array and fuel cell based hybrid microgrid
Pages: 383-388  
A study on customer’s review about online shoppers in India
Pages: 389-393  
हिन्दी रीति परम्परा और आचार्य भिखारीदास
Pages: 394-395  
Concept of corporate social responsibility and various aspects of marketing
Pages: 396-398  
पारम्परिक भारतीय दर्शन के विभिन्न सम्प्रदायों में प्रत्यक्ष अनुभूति से सम्बन्धित सामान्य की अवधारणा का एक तुलनात्मक अध्ययन
Pages: 399-401  
Developing rural poor through micro finance: Problems and prospects
Pages: 402-405  
Factors determining credit access of tomato farmers in a selected area of Bangladesh
Pages: 406-410  
Attitude of the stakeholders of education towards semester system
Pages: 411-413  
Attitude of adolescent girls towards marriage and family life
Pages: 414-417  
A comparative study of agility among handball and basketball intercollegiate male player
Pages: 418-419  
General well-being of senior secondary school students with respect to demographic variables
Pages: 420-423  
Parametric optimization of cutting in turning operation using Taguchi method
Pages: 424-429  
Decentralised wastewater treatment: A case study of Nehru garden, Alwar, Rajasthan
Pages: 430-434  
Generating bug taxonomies for testing
Pages: 435-445  
Improved study and literature review on image steganography: A survey
Pages: 446-452  
Secure framework for administrator authentication in UTM system
Pages: 453-457  
User anonymity based trusted authentication scheme for wireless environment
Pages: 458-462  
An enhanced firefly algorithm approach for solving a flexible job-shop scheduling problem
Pages: 463-468  
Once rural, always rural? Social services provision in selected rural cases from Zimbabwe
Pages: 469-475  
Correlated study of selected anthropometric measurements with explosive leg strength of kabaddi male players
Pages: 476-477  
A review of thermochromic liquid crystal with spectrum analysis
Pages: 478-482  
A review on vibration analysis of cracked cantilever beam with rectangular cross-section
Pages: 483-485  
Analytical synthesis of aeroplane landing gear by using compactness algorithm
Pages: 486-490  
Experimental analysis of a dehumidifier with modifications in domestic refrigeration system
Pages: 491-493  
Responsive web design: Future of web technology
Pages: 494-496  
स्कूल बस सुरक्षा प्रतिमान के संदर्भ में सुप्रीम कोर्ट के दिशा निर्देशों के अनुपालन की अवमानना एक अपराध (सागर नगर के परिप्रेक्ष्य में एक अध्ययन)
Pages: 497-503  
Evaluation of the monopolies and restrictive trade practices act, 1969
Pages: 504-506  
महाभारत काल में नारियों की सामाजिक एवं राजनीतिक स्थितिः एक विश्लेषण
Pages: 507-510  
Role of Consumer Protection Councils
Pages: 511-513  
On the physical hypothesis of a possible existence of a new kind of field
Pages: 514-516  
MIMO-OFDM surveys on various types of channel estimation techniques in communication systems
Pages: 517-519  
चित्रकला के आधार पर नालन्दा के लोकजीवन का विवरण
Pages: 520-522  
Fiscal consolidation path in India: Role of finance commission
Pages: 523-528  
E-governance: Pro-people mission of new India@2022
Pages: 529-532  
Organizational commitment of employees: A study on ICICI & Kotak Mahindra banks of selected cities of Chhattisgarh region
Pages: 533-535  
Blockchain the road ahead with context to Indian Economy
Pages: 536-539  
Legality of live-in-relationships in India: An analysis through court’s ruling
Pages: 540-545  
Effectiveness of visual imagery training in juggling skills
Pages: 546-547  
A literature review: A glance of railways
Pages: 548-554  
Ethnobotanical survey of folklore plants for the treatment of some disease in Thiruvallur district
Pages: 555-557  
Soft computing analysis of human behavior by finger prints images
Pages: 558-564  
Mitigation of road accidents (A public view with reference to the inhabitants of Calicut)
Pages: 565-569  
Health surveillance and political economy of HIV/AIDS: critical view from public health framework
Pages: 570-582  
व्यक्तित्व एवं कीर्तित्व के धनी डाॅ0 सर्वपल्ली राधाकृष्णन
Pages: 583-585  
Impact of brands on urban and rural working and non-working women buying behaviour with special reference to Jabalpur city
Pages: 586-588  
वैश्वीकरण की अवधारणा एवं उसके प्रभाव का मूल्यांकन
Pages: 589-590  
An array of non-cognitive capabilities, competencies and skills coping with environmental demands
Pages: 591-593  
भारत में अध्यापक - शिक्षा : समस्याएँ एवं समाधान
Pages: 594-596  
Sustainability of micro enterprises for economic progress
Pages: 597-599  
भारत में अध्यापक शिक्षा का विकास : एक अध्ययन
Pages: 600-602  
Dynamics of caste associations in political mobilization: A perspective
Pages: 603-606  
जवाहर लाल नेहरू के राजनैतिक तथा समाजिक विचारः राष्ट्रवाद एंव अंतर्राष्ट्रीय वाद
Pages: 607-609  
A study on locus of control and aggressive behaviour of sportsperson
Pages: 610-612  
19वीं सदी में प्रारम्भ सामाजिक एवं धार्मिक सुधार आन्दोलनों में भारतीय प्रबुद्ध वर्ग का योगदान
Pages: 613-617  
A study on customer’s perception towards e-banking services: Evidence from selected Taluks of Virudhunagar district
Pages: 618-621  
भारतीय उच्चतम न्यायालय : इच्छा मृत्यु का अधिकार
Pages: 622-623  
The depiction of female liberty in Vijay Tendulkar’s Silence! The court is in Session
Pages: 624-625  
प्राचीन भारतीय प्रशासन संचालन में प्रचलित दण्डात्मक न्याय प्रणाली
Pages: 626-629  
Work culture in Indian industry: An evaluation
Pages: 630-631  
मध्य गंगा घाटी की मध्य पाषाणिक संस्कृति : एक विश्लेषण
Pages: 632-633  
Quality enhancement in education through technology: Innovation in educational technology
Pages: 634-636  
वेदाध्ययन हेतु वेदाङ्गों की उपादेयता
Pages: 637-640  
‘राज्य’ का स्वरूप
Pages: 641-645  
उपेक्षित महाकवि
Pages: 646-649  
Suicide ideation as correlates of depression and hopelessness in working women
Pages: 650-653  
सुमित्रा नंदन पंत के काव्य के विविध चरण
Pages: 654-657  
Sebaceous Adenoma
Pages: 658-659  
हिन्दी-उर्दू लेखिकाओं की कहानियों में स्त्री का बदलता स्वरुप (सन् 1980-2000 ई.)
Pages: 660-664  
Implementation of school health programmes to promote health awareness among primary school students
Pages: 665-671  
Morphology and taxonomy of Verrallina (Neomacleaya) indica (Theobald)
Pages: 672-674  
समकालीन कविता के अप्रतिम हस्ताक्षर ‘लीलाधर जगूड़ी’
Pages: 675-678  
भक्ति साहित्य की प्रासंगिकता
Pages: 679-681  
Citation pattern of banking professionals with special reference to Doctoral thesis Submitted to Canara Bank School of Management Studies (CBSMS) Bangalore University, Bangalore during 1982/2014
Pages: 682-686  
महिला सशक्तिकरण के दृष्टिकोण से पंचवर्षीय योजनाओं का विश्लेषणात्मक अध्ययन
Pages: 687-690  
Automated toll booth management system using UID (AADHAR)
Pages: 691-695  
Teaching strategies for learners with special educational needs
Pages: 696-698  
भवानी प्रसाद मिश्र जी का कवि कर्म
Pages: 699-700  
नस्लवाद विरोधी आन्दोलन से दलित वैचारिकी और साहित्य का अंतर्संबंध
Pages: 701-702  
विवेकानन्द की संवाद संचार कला : एक अध्ययन
Pages: 703-706  
विकास के मॉडल का विमर्श और महुआ माजी का उपन्यास मरंग गोड़ा नीलकंठ हुआ
Pages: 707-711  
"काष्ठ कला उद्योग में दस्तकारों की आर्थिक स्थिति का एक अध्ययन" : जनपद सहारनपुर (पश्चिमी उ0प्र0) के सन्दर्भ में
Pages: 712-716  
Parliamentary legislations in states field: A comparative study
Pages: 717-721  
A comparative analysis of corporate governance code in BRICS countries
Pages: 722-726  
Morphological and physical fitness profile of kabaddi and non-kabaddi female players aged 14 to 17 years
Pages: 727-729  
कृष्णा सोबती की कहानियों में नारी जीवन के विविध रूप
Pages: 730-731  
जय शंकर प्रसाद का आधुनिक भावबोध और राष्ट्रीय चेतना
Pages: 732-735  
Impact of college autonomy on quality in higher education as perceived by teachers
Pages: 736-740  
PE through “Mutual adaptation approach model” in Indonesia
Pages: 741-744  
Power factor correction of a three-phase induction motor using SAPF
Pages: 745-748  
MATLAB/Simulink based a comparative analysis of single switch and double switch topology for 6/4 switched reluctance motor (SRM)
Pages: 749-751  
Third eye for the blind using arduino and ultrasonic sensors
Pages: 752-756  
Implementation of built in self test (BIST) enabled UART using FPGA for fault detection
Pages: 757-759  
Cost comparison of a RC framed structure (Building subjected to vertical loads and earthquake resisting design)
Pages: 760-763  
सिन्धु सभ्यता का विघटन : समीक्षा एवं अन्र्तदर्शन
Pages: 764-765  
Correlation between hazardous rate and variables in an inventory model of two-parameter exponential distribution with finite production rate
Pages: 766-771  
Intelligent eye: An anti-theft and fire detection system
Pages: 772-774  
Pulsatile flow of non-newtonian blood through multiple stenosed artery
Pages: 775-780  
Review on purification of drinking water
Pages: 781-783  
A study on attitude towards ICT among the B.Ed., students in Karur district
Pages: 784-785  
Health seeking behaviour of rural women: A comparative analysis between members and non-members of self help group in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
Pages: 786-792  
Environmental pollution and impact in Singrauli coal field area, Madhya Pradesh, India
Pages: 793-795  
A study on customer preference towards two wheelers in Coimbatore city
Pages: 796-798  
Availability and accessibility of health services for women in rural blocks of Tiruchirappalli District, Tamil Nadu
Pages: 799-802  
An inventory model for deteriorating items of two parameter weibull distribution with stock dependent demand and money inflation
Pages: 803-809  
A survey on congestion control techniques in MANET
Pages: 810-812  
Creativity of B.Ed. students in relation to their scientific attitude
Pages: 813-815  
Correlation of selected anthropometric variables to basketball performance
Pages: 816-817  
Concept of polygamy in Muslims
Pages: 818-819  
A review on performance of secondary securities market (Equity market) of India during 2016-17
Pages: 820-824  
प्राचीन भारतीय ज्ञानधारा के प्रवाह में काशी का महात्म्य
Pages: 825-826  
Attitude on contraception among rural women: A descriptive study in Coimbatore
Pages: 827-831  
Appraisal of rots in market
Pages: 832-833  
Conceptual framework of democracy and its impact on international criminal justice
Pages: 834-837  
Financial performance analysis of select cement companies
Pages: 838-841  
राजनीतिक समाजीकरणः सैद्धान्तिक विवेचन
Pages: 842-843  
भारत सार्क तथा अन्य क्षेत्रीय संगठनों के साथ बढ़ते कदम
Pages: 844-848  
भारतीय राजनीति में क्षेत्रीय अस्मिता का प्रश्न
Pages: 849-851  
औचित्यं रससिद्धस्य स्थिरं काव्यस्यजीवितम् : एक समीक्षा
Pages: 852-853  
अकबर कालीन इतिहास : लेखन में अबुल फजल तथा मुल्ला अब्दुल कादिर बदायूँनी के योगदान का तुलनात्मक अध्ययन
Pages: 854-856  
राष्ट्रवाद : भारत के सन्दर्भ में
Pages: 857-859  
राजस्थानी लोकनाट्यों में प्रयुक्त वाद्य
Pages: 860-863  
नव माध्यम (फेसबुक) का लोक विमर्श के क्षेत्र में बढ़ता महत्व : एक अध्ययन
Pages: 864-867  
The photonic crystal fibers, a revolutionary spectrum in imminent telecommunication diligence: A gentle overview
Pages: 868-870  
Channel assignment strategy by means of using feasible expectation technique in cellular network
Pages: 871-873  
The partial discharge detection in medium voltage three phase cables used in the power system
Pages: 874-879  
Administrative reforms in India: An analytical review
Pages: 880-887  
लोकजीवन और बाज़ार की चुनौतियाँ
Pages: 888-889  
आन्तरिक-आपात्काल : प्रेस एवं संवैधानिक संशोधन तथा मूल अधिकार
Pages: 890-892  
भ्रष्टाचार और भारत : एक शैक्षिक अवलोकन
Pages: 893-895  
रामचंद्र शुक्ल की आलोचना-दृष्टि और जायसी
Pages: 896-900  
The decline in the status of women in later Vedic age: A study of scriptural evidences
Pages: 901-903  
Studies on Ichthyofaunal diversity in Kallambella Tank, Tumkur District, Karnataka, India
Pages: 904-905  
Tourism promotional activities and its impacts: An experience of DTPC Malappuram, Kerala
Pages: 906-911  
Impact of micro credit on women empowerment
Pages: 912-914  
Ladakh and Baltistan: A historical study on cultural affinity
Pages: 915-918  
Diet for optimal performance for the football players
Pages: 919-920  
Role of library networks and consortia in information retrieval
Pages: 921-924  
A study on the impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) on gross domestic product (GDP) in India
Pages: 925-926  
Fatty acid metallic salts and pyrethroids environmental friendly pesticides
Pages: 927-929  
Ecology, distribution and diversity of zooplankton and Ichthyofaunal in Teetha Dam, Tumkur District, Karnataka, India
Pages: 930-932  
Floating water hyacinth in keetham reservoir Agra
Pages: 933-934  
Role of physical education teachers building mental health in schools
Pages: 935-936  
Nanocarriers for drug delivery applications
Pages: 937-943  
Study of body bias on Dopingless SOI
Pages: 944-948  
A plea for reformative model of punishment
Pages: 949-952  
Stress management: Causes and techniques
Pages: 953-955  
Developments in the field of nano-technology
Pages: 956-958  
Effect of high altitude performance of volleyball players in Ladakh
Pages: 959-960  
Study of personality factors of physical education teachers and other subject teachers
Pages: 961-964  
A review of different methodologies for video steganography
Pages: 965-967  
Density functional theory study of structural, electronic and optical properties of ZnGeP2
Pages: 968-972  
Design, simulation and analysis of reconfiguration microstrip patch antenna for wireless communication applications
Pages: 973-975  
Reactive power mitigation using STATCOM based on DSA/WDO technique
Pages: 976-982  
Role of biomechanics in physical education and sports
Pages: 983-984  
Enhance personalized intellectual image search using hits & ranking algorithm
Pages: 985-990  
Analysis of student psychology and thought adopting capacity based on fuzzy logic modeling
Pages: 991-993  
Autonomous robots for military
Pages: 994-997  
Study of light fidelity (Li-Fi)
Pages: 998-1000  
Fog screen projection
Pages: 1001-1003  
Study of 5G network
Pages: 1004-1008  
Developments of Mahayana Buddhism through ‘great translators’ in Ladakh and Baltistan
Pages: 1009-1012  
Internet of things: A survey on enabling technologies, application and standardization
Pages: 1013-1016  
Simulation & analysis of hierarchical routing in heterogeneous wireless sensor network using MATLAB
Pages: 1017-1020  
माध्यमिक विद्यालयों के कार्यरत शिक्षकों में जीवन संतुष्टि का अध्ययन
Pages: 1021-1022  
A system with transitory firmness of a bi-machine transmission system with power system stabilizers and SVC
Pages: 1023-1026  
Implementing the design of service oriented architecture
Pages: 1027-1030  
Analytical study of wave-break in the vacuum-plasma interface during the interaction of an intense laser pulse
Pages: 1031-1037  
Parameter study for waste heat recovery system implemented in two stroke petrol engine
Pages: 1038-1041  
Study of the conceptualization of mathematics to mathematics education in the research field
Pages: 1042-1045  
Actuator unified power flow damping by using PID controller for power system
Pages: 1046-1047  
Misuse product 'bagasse ash' from sugar industry can be utilized as stabilizing material for expansive soils
Pages: 1048-1052  
Study paper on stabilization of black cotton soil with Kota stone sludge replacement marble slurry
Pages: 1053-1056  
Effect and benefits of deploying Hadoop in private cloud
Pages: 1057-1062  
Analytical analysis and novel determination of feasibility for modeling of boost and buck converter
Pages: 1063-1066  
Study and implementation of fiber-optic networks with secure communication
Pages: 1067-1071  
Development of android application services at Arokia and its architecture
Pages: 1072-1075  
Identification and study of tribology parameters in internal combustion engine
Pages: 1076-1079  
Developed subband adaptive filter construction - using multirate signal processing transform
Pages: 1080-1082  
Design of solar powered vapour absorption refrigeration system
Pages: 1083-1089  
An effective multi user setting schemes
Pages: 1090-1091  
Computer network system security in digital India: Attacks and defense
Pages: 1092-1096  
Fiber optics communication implementation for future trends
Pages: 1097-1101  
4g wireless technology and its standards taking consideration evolution of 4g technology
Pages: 1102-1105  
Modeling and analysis of maximum power point tracking algorithms using Matlab/Simulink
Pages: 1106-1110  
Architecture and functional analysis of a cloud computing based intelligent tutoring system
Pages: 1111-1114  
Autonomous encoding of jamming attack by commitment scheme in multi-hop wireless sensor network
Pages: 1115-1119  
Right to healthy environment and constitution of India
Pages: 1120-1123  
License plate recognition using template matching
Pages: 1124-1128  
Study of cavitation performance analysis in multi-stage centrifugal pump for analyzing cavitation model
Pages: 1129-1131  
Implementation and interpretation of section 89 CPC: A critical study of legislative and judicial trends
Pages: 1132-1136  
Impact of predicate based encryption on big data cloud controls
Pages: 1137-1140  
Research paper on “Food processing industries in India”: The problems and prospectus
Pages: 1141-1143  
Marketing challenges of horticulture sector in Jammu and Kashmir: A case study of district Pulwama
Pages: 1144-1146  
Production of biogas by using anaerobic sludge digestion of sago waste
Pages: 1147-1154  
The research paper on e-commerce: A future of business
Pages: 1155-1156  
Pedagogical relevance at the secondary education level
Pages: 1157-1160  
The role of women’s in village development: In context with Indian villages
Pages: 1161-1162  
Use of quarry dust to replace sand concrete: An experimental study
Pages: 1163-1167  
Experimental study on strength of concrete by partial replacement of fine aggregate with sawdust and robo sand
Pages: 1168-1173  
Role of self help groups in women empowerment in villages
Pages: 1174-1176  
Constructability assessment of conventional formwork and automated formworks in commercial building
Pages: 1177-1182  
Locality differences in language creativity among high school students
Pages: 1183-1186  
Design of modified e-shape micro strip patch antenna with stripline feed for wireless communication
Pages: 1187-1188  
Women entrepreneurs: Problems and challenges with startup and operational business
Pages: 1189-1193  
Climate change and its impact on temperature and rainfall trend of India: An overview
Pages: 1194-1199  
A developmental study on financial planning profiles of households in Vellore city of Tamil Nadu
Pages: 1200-1202  
Physical education and future challenges in India
Pages: 1203-1204  
Demographic characteristics of the encroachers along the Adi Ganga River, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Pages: 1205-1209  
Impact of demonetization (Notebandi) on Indian economy
Pages: 1210-1216  
आचार्य चाणक्य के शैक्षिक विचार
Pages: 1217-1219  
भारत में औद्योगिक श्रम एवं उनकी प्रकृति का समाजशास्त्रीय अध्ययन
Pages: 1220-1223  
Role of new learning technologies in education
Pages: 1224-1225  
Productivity analysis of food industry in post-liberalization period from 1994-95 to 2010-11
Pages: 1226-1231  
Skill development initiatives for Youth in the context of Indian demographic dividend: An overview of programmes
Pages: 1232-1235  
The study dissolved oxygen, chemical oxygen demand and biological oxygen demand in lakes of Bangalore, garden city of India
Pages: 1236-1239  
Hindu, Muslim and Christian syncretic cultural traditions as depicted in Shyam Benegal’s ‘Junoon’
Pages: 1240-1243  
Modeling and optimization of different quality characteristics in electric discharge drilling by Taguchi methodology
Pages: 1244-1247  
Estimation of calcium, magnesium, sulphates, ammonical nitrogen, nitrates, phosphates and heavy metals in water samples of lakes of Bangalore
Pages: 1248-1254  
Interpolation for multirate system application
Pages: 1255-1259  
Vegetarianism: Moral issues
Pages: 1260-1263  
A study on the thermal properties of 100% modal & viscose fabrics
Pages: 1264-1267  
The study of some important parameters like Chlorine, Alkalinity, Hardness of lake water in Bangalore the capital city of Karnataka
Pages: 1268-1271  
Geotechnical properties of expansive soil stabilized with stone dust
Pages: 1272-1274  
Feasibility study of using used edible oil with diesel in diesel engine
Pages: 1275-1279  
Productivity enhancement techniques used in casting industries
Pages: 1280-1286  
Thermal influence of ambient air temperature on performance of combined cycle power plant
Pages: 1287-1292  
Customer preference and satisfaction towards power inverter in Coimbatore city
Pages: 1293-1295  
A predictive approach for speaker verification by machine learning and MFCC
Pages: 1296-1299  
Domestic violence against women in India
Pages: 1300-1301  
A study on analysing customer satisfaction with reference to big bazaar, Vijayawada
Pages: 1302-1305  
A study of self-esteem among migrant and non-migrant secondary school students in Jammu and Kashmir
Pages: 1306-1309  
A comparative study of interaction analysis of classroom behaviour of effective and ineffective college teachers
Pages: 1310-1320  
Overall performance of higher education system in India
Pages: 1321-1324  
अज्ञेय के काव्य में आधुनिक भावबोध
Pages: 1325-1327  
Zooplankton diversity and distribution in Yelahanka Lake, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Pages: 1328-1330  
Monitoring the water quality of lakes for Organochlorine Pesticides in and around Dharwad city, Karnataka, India
Pages: 1331-1333  
Persistent organochlorine pesticide residues in studied surface water lakes of Dharwad City, Karnataka, India
Pages: 1334-1336  
Density and distribution of fishes (Ichthyofaunal) in Hebbal Lake, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Pages: 1337-1338  
मीरा के प्रेम दर्शन में वैश्म्य
Pages: 1339-1340  
मीरा की साधना पर अभिव्यक्ति
Pages: 1341-1343  
Preparation of biodiesel fuel with cobalt oxide nano-fuel additives
Pages: 1344-1346  
प्रदत्त कार्य आधारित उपागम के माध्यम से रचना कौशल का विकास
Pages: 1347-1349  
A review on various filtering techniques in image processing
Pages: 1350-1355  
Statistical mechanics approach to elastomeric network
Pages: 1356-1358  
Various theories of phantom network: A perspective
Pages: 1359-1361  
Nano catalysis: Synthesis and properties
Pages: 1362-1364  
Application of nano catalysis: A review
Pages: 1365-1367  
Rural women empowerment and micro finance
Pages: 1368-1372  
अध्ययन अभ्यास के विकास में शिक्षकों और माता-पिता की भूमिका
Pages: 1373-1375  
A study on importance of industries in Indian economy
Pages: 1376-1378  
Development of quality assurance systems for cyber learning
Pages: 1379-1380  
A study on education commissions on teacher education
Pages: 1381-1383  
Teaching philosophy of physical education teacher
Pages: 1384-1386  
देवनागरी लिपि का उद्भव एवं विशेषताएं
Pages: 1387-1388  
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