National Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-9040

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A study of competitive anxiety of elite compound archers of India
Pages: 01-03  
The effect of yoga and physical exercises on resting pulse rate variable of secondary school students
Pages: 04-06  
A review on the role of non-governmental organizations in achieving right to education
Pages: 07-11  
Effect of adding methanol and ammonium molybdate to the PEM of the Jeewanu both before and after exposure to sunlight up to a total of 32 hours on the morphological changes in (0 + 15):30:10:20:10:10 SMJ8 Jeewanu
Pages: 12-14  
Critiquing Rituparna Ghosh: Gender sensitivity and identity in films
Pages: 15-17  
Study of farmers investment pattern in commodity derivative in India: With special reference to Allahabad district
Pages: 18-21  
Selection of beneficiaries at grassroots level
Pages: 22-26  
Impact of media in women development
Pages: 31-34  
Women’s participation in Indian constitution
Pages: 35-37  
Financial engineering: Factors leading to it’s growth in Indian financial market
Pages: 38-41  
Importance of studies on trace element composition in human tissue and organs with special reference to Population of Ajmer Region
Pages: 42-43  
Human capital and financial inclusion: An empirical study across districts of India
Pages: 44-50  
A study of potential drop-out and its causal factors in relation to home environment and parental attitude in elementary schools of central U.P
Pages: 51-55  
Selection of e-resource for academic libraries
Pages: 56-59  
Reborn with digitization: A study of popular short Qissa in Punjabi
Pages: 60-63  
Re-visiting postmodernism
Pages: 64-66  
A critical analysis of government policies and educational development in rural India: An anthropological inquiries among the Pengo Kondh Tribes of Odisha
Pages: 67-76  
A brief historical account: Christianity among the Ao Nagas of North-East India
Pages: 77-82  
Understanding the phenomena of religious conversion: A study among the Mishings of Assam, India
Pages: 83-86  
Gender inequalities in India
Pages: 87-88  
Womens participation and their role in Indian constitution
Pages: 89-91  
Legal perspective and women empowerment in India
Pages: 92-96  
A study on sustainability report practices as per GRI guidelines in selected automobile companies
Pages: 97-105  
JIT applicability to balance supply chain and operations of fruits and vegetables processing industries
Pages: 106-111  
Identity development and locus of control among emerging adults in Jammu
Pages: 112-116  
Nationalism and early nationalist movements in Tamil Nadu
Pages: 117-119  
Carving of an authentic selfhood in A house for Mr. Biswas of V. S. Naipaul
Pages: 120-122  
Trends, evaluation & policy of CSR in India
Pages: 123-127  
A study on miltary system on Muslim historians in Saltanta age
Pages: 128-131  
Chemical examination and evaluation of antibacterial, antifungal property of neem (Azadirachta indica) and karanj (Millettia pinnata) in bhilai – durg region of Chhattisgarh
Pages: 136-142  
Special children and education
Pages: 143-146  
Socio-economic condition and emotional violence against working women living in Guwahati city of Assam
Pages: 147-154  
Quantum drift velocity and current density in one dimensional carbon nano tubes
Pages: 155-160  
Interdependence between women empowerment and economic development
Pages: 161-163  
Understanding the impact of Green Revolution on intraregional and interregional disparity
Pages: 164-166  
Determination and Removal of Fluoride in Various water samples at Khairagarh Block of Rajnandgaon district
Pages: 167-171  
GST: Taxation structure
Pages: 172-174  
Validation of e-content in learning environmental pollution among prospective teachers
Pages: 175-181  
Oral tradition: An anthropological insight on the folktales of Meitei
Pages: 182-186  
Motherhood: An enslavement or choice?
Pages: 187-189  
Detached synangiate pollen organs from the Triassic of Nidpur, Madhya Pradesh, India
Pages: 190-192  
Environmental justice through the interpretation of article 21 of the constitution of India
Pages: 193-195  
Role of Mahatma Gandhi in freedom struggle of India
Pages: 196-199  
A review on effect of drought and warmth stresses on plant development and yiel
Pages: 200-204  
Gender differences in SIS-II percepts of College students
Pages: 205-208  
Rights of women
Pages: 209-213  
GST issues with respect to Indian media and entertainment industry
Pages: 214-217  
GST: Impact on the telecommunications sector in India
Pages: 218-221  
GST: A positive development for real estate
Pages: 222-224  
Determinants of wage discrimination of scheduled tribes in Andhra Pradesh
Pages: 225-229  
In India: Need to switch employee mindset to entrepreneur
Pages: 230-233  
The moral and conceptual universe of cock fighters: symbolism and rationalization of santal society in Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal
Pages: 234-239  
Call from the future: An environmental approach
Pages: 240-243  
On an account of Coreoidea (Heteroptera: Hemiptera) from Dumna nature park, Jabalpur, India
Pages: 244-247  
Transforming man-other relationship: Thinking beyond dualism
Pages: 248-251  
Rejuvenating the gendered beliefs: From a socio-cultural perspective
Pages: 252-257  
Dimensions of Indian democracy
Pages: 258-260  
Social movements and Indian citizens
Pages: 261-264  
Dyeing of soya material using natural extracts
Pages: 265-272  
Stabilization of cohesive soil using rice husk ash and polypropylene fibers
Pages: 273-278  
Socio-Psychological and economic impacts of cancer: A case of the United Kingdom
Pages: 279-282  
A study on employee retention strategies
Pages: 283-285  
On an account of Sphecidae (Hymenoptera: insecta) from Dumna Nature Park, Jabalpur, India
Pages: 286-288  
Evaluation of Anganwadi Centers (AWCs) in Batala block of Gurdaspur district, Punjab
Pages: 289-291  
Study of lygaeidae (Lygaeoidea: hemiptera) species from Dumna Nature Park, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
Pages: 292-295  
A study to evaluate the effectiveness of the planned teaching program on knowledge regarding maintenance of menstrual hygiene among adolescent girls in a selected high school of Kashmir
Pages: 296-299  
Psychological capital as related to life satisfaction among sports coaches
Pages: 300-302  
Spiritual support and resilience among bereaved mothers
Pages: 303-304  
A study on level of satisfaction of employees towards departmental stores with special reference to Coimbatore city
Pages: 305-307  
Kashmiri Singers Ghulam Qadir Langoo and Rashid Jahangir: Their life histories and contribution on singing
Pages: 308-309  
Kashmiri Singers Late Ghulam Hassan: Their life histories and contribution on singing
Pages: 310-311  
Ladishah: A Kashmiri Melody
Pages: 312-313  
Psychological distress among parents of differently-abled children: A study of Kashmir valley
Pages: 314-318  
A study on fiscal indicators in India: With special reference to Karnataka
Pages: 319-323  
Virtual currencies: A hazard or a boon? A Perspective from the Digital finance ecosystem and associated Legal issues
Pages: 324-330  
An analysis of awareness level of people about microfinance services: A study in Delhi
Pages: 331-337  
Race and gender in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye
Pages: 338-341  
Evaluating how proficient does the methodologies of organised retail are in sculpting the future of Indian retail sector
Pages: 342-349  
Detached scale-leaves from the Triassic of Nidpur, Madhya Pradesh, India
Pages: 350-352  
The study of physico-chemical parameters and bacteriological examination of Rishikund hot water spring, (Dist-Munger), Bihar, India
Pages: 353-357  
A descriptive study to assess the knowledge and practice of intensive care nurses on prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) among patients admitted in critical care units of Government Medical College Hospitals, Jammu (J&K)
Pages: 358-360  
Coupling diazotization method to analysis of chlorpyrifos in environmental and biological samples
Pages: 361-364  
Isolation and identification of Salmonella serovars from clinical samples
Pages: 365-368  
Effect of fluoride on micronucleus formation and sister chromatid exchanges in some edible fishes
Pages: 369-375  
Inhibitory effects of selected plants on the growth of pathogenic fungi
Pages: 376-380  
Study of educational interest in relation to school environment
Pages: 381-383  
Naambun: The festival imbibed in the fabric of the Lepcha community
Pages: 384-389  
Rural development through E-Governance in India: Initiatives and Challenges
Pages: 390-392  
Influence of demographic factors on job stress among private sector bank employees in Coimbatore district
Pages: 393-397  
Spatial and seasonal variations of phytoplankton dynamics with special reference to physico-chemical variables in Lower Lake of Bhopal, India
Pages: 398-404  
Psychology and diabetes self-management
Pages: 405-407  
Development of infrastructure in primary school in sundarban coastal region
Pages: 408-412  
Gender budgeting in India: A women empowerment process
Pages: 413-415  
Examining the triumphs and trials of medical representatives in Thrissur district
Pages: 416-421  
The role of non-Governmental organisations in sensitizing and protecting human rights in India
Pages: 422-426  
A study on developing marketing strategies for SME’s in food processing sector
Pages: 427-430  
Difference in self-concept and neurosis of orthopedically and hearing impaired students of secondary level schools
Pages: 431-435  
Relationship of personality traits and coping strategies in cancer patients
Pages: 436-439  
Structural Patterns of Mrs. Dalloway by Virgina Woolf
Pages: 440-442  
Online defamation and its regulations at international and national level
Pages: 443-447  
Role of bachpan bachao andolan in protection of child human rights in India
Pages: 448-450  
Male genitalia of some species of Catharsius hope (Coleoptera: scarabaeidae) and its taxonomic importance
Pages: 451-452  
Effect of locality and type of management on symptoms of job stress of secondary school teachers
Pages: 453-456  
Study of impacts of global warming on climate change: Rise in sea level and disaster frequency
Pages: 457-458  
Studies on the effect of different preservation methods on the biochemical, microbial and sensory profile of frozen Tor tor
Pages: 459-463  
Expectation, experience and acceptance of goods and service tax
Pages: 464-468  
Role of human resource in economic development of Karnataka
Pages: 469-474  
Histological alterations and changes in dehydrogenase activities in tissues of Spiralothelphusa hydrodroma, exposed to quinalphos
Pages: 475-483  
Role of big data in retail customer-centric marketing
Pages: 484-488  
Differentially abled viz. orthopedically impaired and hearing impaired secondary school students with special reference to their level of aspiration and neurosis
Pages: 489-494  
Entrepreneurial development in Doda region of Jammu & Kashmir state
Pages: 495-499  
Osteoporosis in women and its treatment: The Kashmir perspective
Pages: 500-505  
Research paper on “Total quality management”: A conceptual study
Pages: 506-507  
Spatio-temporal dynamics of sex composition in Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh
Pages: 508-510  
Employee retention: A catalyst for the growth of tourism
Pages: 511-518  
A study on the attitude of secondary school students of Purba Medinipur district towards science education: A proposal
Pages: 519-521  
An ecogeography of poverty? Dependence on biodiversity among communities adjacent to protected areas
Pages: 522-529  
A study of teacher effectiveness and its importance
Pages: 530-532  
Study of spiritual intelligence in relation to adjustment of prospective teachers
Pages: 533-535  
Empowerment of women through self-help groups in Telangana: A study in tribal areas
Pages: 536-540  
A study on effect of advertisement on confectionary product with special reference to Vellore city
Pages: 541-545  
Police training schools in the Madras presidency
Pages: 546-550  
Hindu concept of fundamental unity by Emerson’s philosophy about India
Pages: 551-555  
Acute toxicity of Malathion pesticides to fresh water fish Labeo rohita (HAM)
Pages: 556-558  
Professional ethics of secondary school teachers with special reference to rural urban dichotomy
Pages: 559-565  
Role of English language in India: It’s earliest and today
Pages: 566-569  
Reflection of educational ideals values and contributions of Sri Basaveshwara
Pages: 570-573  
Scientometric analysis of orbital debris research publications
Pages: 574-579  
Essay on Durkheim’s theory of division of labour
Pages: 580-585  
विशिष्ट बालक एवं समावेशी शिक्षा
Pages: 586-587  
अवेस्तीय तथा वैदिक अग्नि में साम्य एवं वैषम्य
Pages: 588-589  
Women and social reform movements in modern India
Pages: 590-596  
Threatened wetlands of Jammu region: concerns and way forward
Pages: 597-600  
फर्रूखाबाद के दरिद्र व्यक्तियों की शैक्षिकता का अध्ययन
Pages: 608-611  
Intellectual property law in India: A historical perspective
Pages: 612-616  
रामकाव्य में नारी विमर्श
Pages: 617-619  
राजपूत सैन्य व्यवस्था
Pages: 620-621  
Hindu Nationalism and Hindu Mahasabha: Organizational Base of BJP
Pages: 622-625  
Electoral Performance of the Bharatiya Janata Party: 1991 Parliamentary Election
Pages: 626-632  
Rise of the Bharatiya Janata Party in 1996 parliamentary election
Pages: 633-639  
The impact of HR practices in healthcare industry
Pages: 640-643  
A comparative study of government and private secondary school teachers towards their teaching profession
Pages: 644-646  
Influences of some fundamental issues in the investment decision making process
Pages: 647-649  
Reduction in exhaust gas temperature of direct compression ignition engine by adding nano-particles
Pages: 650-652  
Properties of biodiesel fuel blended with Nano particles
Pages: 653-655  
Radiotherapy: Development and its impact
Pages: 656-657  
Nanoscience: A review
Pages: 658-660  
Neurological disorder: Causes and impact
Pages: 661-664  
Gender metaphysics in John Donne
Pages: 665-666  
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