National Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-9040

Vol. 4, Issue 1 (2019)

Survey paper on Internet of Things: IOT

Author(s): Ayushman Chhapariya, Neetu Sikarwar
Abstract: This paper provides an overview of the Internet of Things (IOT) with emphasis on enabling technologies, protocols and application issues. The Internet of things (IOT) is the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles (also referred to as "connected devices" and "smart devices"), buildings, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity that enable these objects to collect and exchange data. The IOT Mainly uses the connectivity of devices system and services that beyond the machine to machine communication. Internet of thing defined the IOT as the infrastructure of the information society. The main objective of this paper is to provide an overview of Internet of Things, architectures, and vital technologies and their usages in our daily life.
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