National Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-9040

Vol. 3, Issue 3 (2018)

IOT based air pollution monitoring system using arduino

Author(s): Pinky Rana, Neetu Sikarwar
Abstract: The level of pollution has increased with times by lot of factors like the increase in population, increased vehicle use, industrialization and urbanization which results in harmful effects on human wellbeing by directly affecting health of population exposed to it. In order to monitor In this project we are going to make an IOT Based Air Pollution Monitoring System in which we will monitor the Air Quality over a web server using internet and will trigger a alarm when the air quality goes down beyond a certain level, means when there are sufficient amount of harmful gases are present in the air like CO2, smoke, alcohol, benzene and NH3. It will show the air quality in PPM on the LCD and as well as on webpage so that we can monitor it very easily. In this IOT project, you can monitor the pollution level from anywhere using your computer or mobile.
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