National Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-9040

Vol. 2, Issue 3 (2017)

Effect of fluoride on micronucleus formation and sister chromatid exchanges in some edible fishes

Author(s): Javed Iqbal
Abstract: Genotoxicity of fluoride (F) in fishes of Jabalpur city was evaluated using micronuclei in erythrocytes (MNEs) assays and sister chromatid exchange (SCEs). As it is positively related to the frequency of micro nucleated erythrocytes’ (MNEs) and sister chromatid exchange (SCEs) per metaphase cells. Result of the present study indicates that the MNEs and SCEs in fishes can be easily used for assessment of genotoxic effect of fluoride (F) in fresh water bodies. In present study the specific difference in MNEs and sister chromatid exchange (SCEs) frequency were found to be statistically significant. In this study it is established the mean number of sister chromatid exchange in fish maintained in high quality water in the absence of toxins.
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