National Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-9040

Vol. 2, Issue 2 (2017)

Life without internet: A study from Kashmir

Author(s): Tabasum Farooq
Abstract: The Internet has become an essential and integral part of our lives. When we wake up in morning, the thing we hold first is our mobile phone. It is hard to imagine one’s life without internet. But the people of Kashmir valley had to live this beyond imagination life- a life without internet. Since 8th July 2016, the valley of Kashmir slipped into dark ages due to a ban on internet and mobile services. People, especially younger generation suffered a lot. But amidst suffering, some opportunities were recognized. In the present study, 50 adolescents were approached from Kashmir valley. They were interviewed about the activities they performed during and before internet ban. On the basis of results, it was concluded that the lack of internet created many problems for them at the same time some good also happened. It was seen in the results that the time spent by adolescents on the internet was now being utilized in more productive things such as reading newspapers, morning walks, religious activities family get to gathers, etc. Besides, adolescents have understood the existence and value of people and things outside their world of internet. Procrastination was also assessed during the ban and after the restoration of internet services and a significant increase was found in procrastination levels. This study is not confined to the valley of Kashmir only; this is the reality of a young generation of present time. Internet should not be banned, but teens need to be banned from using this facility inappropriately. The Internet is a blessing for modern times but we have made this blessing a curse. The study thus provides an insight to the fact that no doubt internet has made us global citizens, but to a large extent, we are drifting apart from ourselves and from our homes. There is a dire need to control the usage of internet, especially in adolescents and this need has to be fulfilled by parents, teachers, counselors.
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