National Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-9040

Vol. 2, Issue 2 (2017)

Unproductive mindset of youth a growing concern to Kerala

Author(s): NS Ramesh Chandran
Abstract: Kerala, a small State situated in the south-west part of India has a fairly good record of social development and the highest human development index in the country. But unemployment of youth is a serious cause of worry for Kerala. It is not that opportunities are not coming up but an air of naiveté has created a sort of adverse attitude towards dignity of labour in the youth today. New generation’s preference for white collar jobs, nay their reluctance to accept blue collar jobs has become a hard nut to crack. Teenagers looking for University education are often misled by preconceived notions generated from a distorted educational system. The skewed psyche of parents has further added fuel to the burning problem. The drowsy, unproductive and arid thoughts of the youth are the real apprehensions that vex the State. How to help the youngsters flush out repulsive thoughts and replenish their outlook with healthy perspectives about dignity of labour, should be the major agenda of youth welfare agencies. Educating the youth to identify, mobilize and bring out the unique capabilities lying hidden in them and to consolidate the general abilities constitute the real nitty-gritty of youth empowerment. Simultaneously the State Government should focus on a wide spectrum of multiple skill development programmes which will compensate the deficit created by industrial backwardness. The wisest way to enhance the productivity of youth in Kerala and to arouse them from lassitude is to work for a skill driven society rather than a knowledge driven society. The article makes an attempt to apprehend why the youngsters of Kerala are dragging their feet on the question of being very selective about jobs and what can be done to harness the issue.
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