National Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-9040

Vol. 2, Issue 2 (2017)

Malnutrition and Oral Health

Author(s): Dr. Shweta Chouhan, Dr. Navin Kumar Sinha, Dr. Matin Ahmad Khan, Dr. Sushilendra Kumar Chouhan, Dr. Rita Chouhan
Abstract: Mouth being a reflecting mirror of general health often helps in early diagnosis of many diseases and disturbances. Like any other system of our body, oral cavity relies on adequate nutritional supply but with certain special cautions to protect the dental structures which in turn help for consumption of nutrients. In this way nutrition and oral health are mutually dependent and hence an extensive understanding of this inter relationship is essential for healthy life. Nowadays people are conscious in knowing about the healthy diet through various media and try to practice it to their kitchen style. Diet, the customary allowance of food and drink taken by any person per day varies from nutrition, which involves the metabolic processes and utilization of nutrients in the food. The nutritional status of a person is implicated on oral mucosa due to rapid turnover of their epithelial cells, which is five times faster than it is in the skin. These self renewing cells live for approximately 5 to 6 days This turnover keeps the mucosa healthy and acts as a barrier to many toxins, drugs, chemicals and bacteria. Inadequate nutrition may leads to tissue breakdown, infection, and inflammation Worldwide there are more than 2 billion people, particularly pregnant women and young children are at mal nourished status with compromised health circumstance Malnutrition affects the oral health and a poor oral health in turn, may lead to malnutrition. Malnutrition may alter the homeostasis, which can lead to disease progression of the oral cavity, reduce the resistance to the microbial biofilm and reduce the capacity of tissue healing. Malnutrition, besides producing gener effects on other organs/systems of the body, leads to the development of well defined development and pathologic changes in the or mucosa, tongue, teeth, gums and jaw bones. Proper understanding of the relationship between deficiency of good constituents and various ailments of the or cavity is, therefore, of immense importance for prevention and treatment of a variety of orodent disorders. This review deals with complex relationship among diet, nutrition and their implications on oral health and so the need for effective contribution of dietitians in dental team to enhance the general health status of population This review also reveals the essence of knowledge required to maintain high-quality oral and general health by precise diet.
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