National Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development

ISSN: 2455-9040

Vol. 1, Issue 1 (2016)

Insurgency and Nigerian socio-economic development

Author(s): Onodugo Ifeanyi Chris, Dr. Itodo Sylvanus M
Abstract: Terrorism has been an insidious act common and conducted daily over decades and has been responsible for the physical and or structural violence experienced by many people in Nigeria. Individuals, Groups and even the state carry out acts of terrorism in one way or the other. The preponderance of terrorists’ activities in recent times especially those conducted by Niger Delta Militants and now Boko Haram are only in response to acts of terrorism conducted directly or indirectly by the governments and its’ functionaries at all levels whose responsibility is to improve and protect the lives and properties of its citizens. The effects of these acts of terrorism are the threats they posed to national security, peace, unity and development of the country. For instance, it has pushed further the polarisation of the fragile political unity and pushed up the existing suspicion and distrust between the ‘north and south’. It has also jeopardised the basic human rights and civil liberties of the citizens due to activities of the terrorists and the Joint Security Task Force (JTF) to maintain law and order. Equally, it has threatened the desperate attempt to industrialised, and the existing socio-cultural tranquillity has been hampered. It is recommended that the government should take the business of governance seriously and address issues of injustices, marginalisation, discrimination, and provision of public good such as security and the creation of enabling environment for investments which in turn will increase and improve the livelihoods of the greatest numbers of its citizens.
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